10 Great Environmental Economics Research Paper Topics

Have you ever had to come up with a research paper topic for an assignment and found yourself staring for hours at a blank sheet of paper? It happens to many students and rather than waste more time hoping for some moment of divine inspiration you might just want to take one of the free environmental economics research paper topics we have right here:

  1. Is the United States putting in enough economic resources to save its own national parks as well as environmental wildlife areas in other parts of the world? Do businesses get the upper hand when it comes to these policies?
  2. Should corporations be asked to pay higher penalties for not meeting minimum environmental initiatives on a grading scale? Should the bigger offenders be forced to pay more?
  3. How are companies that pollute the air able to avoid excessive fines or taxes in an era where most developed countries have acknowledged the need to slow the effects of global warming?
  4. Can the government redesign the current investment framework to improve measures that will entice more Americans to commit private resources for the benefit of environmental lands?
  5. Should governments begin to place sanctions on foreign countries who are unable to meet the environmental goals as discussed in the global community or is the economic loss too great?
  6. What are the biggest hurdles governments face with power companies in making the switch to a cleaner a more reliable power source such as solar or water?
  7. Should large national banks commit resources towards environmental programs with a high return value two or three decades into the future even though they are costly now?
  8. Are environmental policies hurting local and small businesses by requiring them to adhere to certain restrictions? Is it a better idea to allow local and small businesses to operate freely?
  9. If the United States wants to remain an economic global leader, what changes must it make to its domestic and international environmental policies to ensure constant growth and stability?
  10. How does the general public respond to environmental initiatives? Are they more willing to support them if they have little economic effect on their immediate lives?

This is just a glimpse of the international economics research paper topics that professional writing experts come up with daily. Hiring a professional service is always the better option than spending a large amount of time searching through an outdated economics research paper database at the library, or worse having to come up with a topic on your own.


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